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VR wellness app prototype (travel mode)

A bespoke wellness experience with guided meditation and breathing exercises aimed at providing a calm effect on the users travelling in vehicles or in moving platforms.

When using VR in a moving platform, it always ends up not working because, the IMU in headset(which detects the movement relative to earth), does not match with the camera tracking in the headset(which only sees the interior and not cars movement).
hence holoride uses a solution of syncing the motion on a HTC vive flow headset (which has the ability to turn off positional tracking, travel mode) 

Holoride elastic SDK is used so that the motion of the moving platform is synced with that of headset. The sdk takes in input from an external GPS device to sync the moving platforms movement.The below demo is recorded during when the platform is moving.


Game Engine: Unity 3D+ Holoride elastic SDK | Images: Photoshop | Models: Maya, Blender

The color themes and animations are carefully chosen to provide a soothing experience for the user.

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