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First Place :

Meta Quest presence platform Hackathon 2024  


A mixed reality world building application with generative AI support, where users can create their own miniature worlds complete with dynamic effects and striking lighting, unlocking endless creative possibilities.

Game Engine: Unity 3D+ Meta all in one SDK | Images: Photoshop | Models: , Blender,  Gen AI: Openai API


Built with Unity and Meta's SDK, Dreamscape allows users to effortlessly craft their own tiny universes. The app includes a world builder feature where users can pick models—like houses, trees, and islands—and place them on a floating island within a globe. The globe features a customizable sky element (skybox) that enhances the visual appeal. Users can adjust environmental conditions such as rain, wind, and even add fireflies or birds to bring their worlds to life.

GenAI assit

Dreamscape also integrates generative AI support, enabling users to input descriptions of desired scenes. The app then uses existing 3D models to generate these scenes dynamically, including the sky, which can be transformed into a star-infused space scene or a sunlit sky with clouds.

There are two components to the genai  world builder assist.

1. World building: This involves using OpenAI's API in Unity to send prompts that help determine the placement, rotation, and scale of each model in the Unity scene, using a GPT model fine-tuned with Unity scene datasets.

2. Sky builder: This uses OpenAI's DALL-E to generate sky textures that can be used in the globe's skydome.

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