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VR- Engine Assembly

A short demo of a virtual engine assembly learning with step by step instructions and details with advanced hand interactions and hand tracking using Unity Engine.

The demo uses a mesh based interaction system in unity which makes the interactions feel more realistic and 

st the same time, reduces a lot of development time

Game Engine: Unity 3D + oculus integration | Images: Photoshop | Models: Maya, Blender, Solidworks (engineering models) 

different interactions from the demo

crankshaft (1).gif
piston ring.gif
piston pin.gif
Conecting rod.gif
rod cap.gif



The demo uses Virtual Grasp SDK with a combination of oculus integration SDK in Unity. Using this SDK allows user to grab any object with a mesh to be grabbed, making it interactable

Having tested oculus interaction SDK with hand tracking and advanced interactions, the time consumed for development reduced significantly as there's non need to build a custom pose configuration or grab interactable settings like that in the former.

Besides, the accuracy was more in Virtual grasp compared to oculus integration for grabbing objects as well as hand tracking, making it feel more smooth and natural. 


Other benefits include:


  • synthesizing natural looking grasp configurations on hands during grasp interaction in a VR application

  • easy setup of interactive behaviours of an object when hand grasps or pushes the object.

  • neither grasp synthesis nor object articulation requires physical setup of the objects or avatars, while both features integrate seamlessly with any physical objects or environment

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