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VR VS PC - Prototype

A cross platform Multiplayer game based on Attack On Titan series, packed with intense combat!

The main Goal/Aim behind creating this application is perspective swapping experience and expose VR to the PC gaming side. 


There are a lot of VR applications out there with player facing against a massive monster/enemy. The goal in this case was to find out how does it feel to be the giant/enemy. 

This was inspired by the popular anime series Attack on Titan and Andy's perspective from the movie Toy Story. 




1. Exploring different technologies with relation to Giant versus Human perspectives
2. Transitioning from retro to modern themes

3.Enhanced action and combatting features with reduced motion sickness

A major challenge I had faced was to get the character controller and ragdoll mechanics to work together in the game(both don't go well together). 

Realistic interactions were made a priority as glitching can happen quite often in multiplayer games (especially when there is physics based interactions). Hence, everything in the environment (houses, rocks, moving parts) were all given proportionate masses and colliders.


image (13).png


image (15).png

Grab rocks from wall


image (11).png
image (23).png
image (17).png


State machine trigger based cannons

image (21).png

ODM gear mechanics

image (22).png

Realistic Particle interaction

Mechanics in detail

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